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Customers satisfaction
The National Salt company ENASEL is always listening to its customers and anxious to know its reques...

General manager

I  want to congratulate the whole of workers on Enasel for the efforts made for 2006. The attack of the laid down objectives confirms active adhesion and the appropriation of the Whole of the Workers to the strategy traced by the Company.

I will also say that each one among us has his share of merit and we can be legitimately proud for it: This lets forecast a better future for our Company.

The year 2006 was with go with its distinctions and trophies, reported with serenity and much of courage to preserve the public image of Enasel.

  • the maintain of the ISO certificate 9001 v.2000, by AFAQ France, certification TEDJ of the food salt of Saline Guergour Lamri,
  • the title of the best Manager of the wilaya of Constantine, decreed by the Newspaper YEAR NASR,
  • And finally the 1st Algerian Price of the quality PAQ 2006, given by Mister the Chief of the Government, coming to crown the efforts of the collective of the Company and in particular its managers.

Other challenges will remain to be raised for the year 2007, to ensure the perenniality of our Company, and to preserve its assets. For that, we must take care together to maintain the climate of confidence and the spirit of competitiveness die jà anchored well in our traditions.

Enasel, following the example firms selected to be privatisées, falls under this new economic context while misant on its viability and its performance.

Lastly, I thank all those which took part by far or of meadows to the success of our Company and I wish with all the best workers my wishes for the year 2007.

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