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ارضاء الزبائن
المؤسسة الوطنية ...

Aware of the advantages of the quality systems and their effect on the long-term profitability and the durability of the company in an economic environment in full mutation characterized by the opening of the global market. Enasel set as one of its objectives to introduce a quality management system (complying with ISO 9001 requirements).

Today, quality affects all of us. Several companies are involved in it and started their quality control.

Quality control within Enasel crowns a labour undertaken for three years during which the company’s managers as well as the whole staff mobilised for:

    • First of all, break with old reflexes
    • Promote customers’ satisfaction

    • Formalize its whole know-how to perpetuate it

    • Raise the level of its skills
    • Improve organisation through the standardization of its methods and practices…

The certification process was led by AFAQ / AFNOR, French leader and one of the very first certification organisms in the world, known for its ethics and experience. The management system of Enasel is certified ISO 9001:2000 in July 2004.

Further to the last follow-up audit 1 carried in July, 2005, AFAQ / AFNOR, decided to maintain the validity of ISO 9001:2000 certificate of Enasel.

In a context of a continuous improvement, Enasel registered in a real progress process since the obtaining of ISO 9001 certificate. The will of the General Management and its involvement are of bet. The General Management decided to implement progressively an HSE management system (Health, Safety and Environement) in conformity with reference frames OHSAS 18001/99 and ISO 14001/2004. Conditions of contract are elaborated and will soon be submitted to an invitation to tender in order to select one accompanist in the the system establishement.

Enasel needs to show its aptitude to control dangers linked to the product security to ameliorate its customers contentment continiously. It went about things to implement method HACCP and certifying its product CHAMSI / 1 kg (certified product TEDJ). In order to do that, the General manager chose the Guergour larmi site as pilot unit, the deployment will carry out progressively.

Salt Quality :

Enasel must offer to its customers, products in conformity with food norms and public health being translated by a strict control of all manufacture stages , the use of appropriate salt packing and iodation intended for human consumption, according to international norms (WHO recommendations) and Algerian regulation in force.

The Algerian norm for the food quality salt was published by the National Institute of Normalization and Industrial Ownership (INAPI) on August 20th, 1993 to be later the object of a Ministerial decree of November 30th, 1994 of the Industry and Energy Ministry, published in J.O N ° 41 of July 30th, 1995. It has a reference NA 635 / 1993 and is inspired of the PHARMACOPOEIA ALIMENTARUS norm and the executive decree 90/40 of January 30th, 1990, making obligatory the sale of ioded salt as a prevention against the deficiency in iodin.

Finally the decree 90-367 of November 10th, 1990 relating to labelling and presentation of foodstuffs fixes obligatory mention having to appear on the food products packing.

Iodin characteristics :

Salt the main vehicle of iodin in the organism :

Iodin is an essential trace element in the thyroid gland functioning. This last acts in the growth control and other metabolic functions. To prevent the endemic goiter appearance, we use the cooking salt as additional iodin vector because of the regularity of its use by the human body. Disorders owed to iodin deficiency can be translated by mental delays:Children who are born from an Iodin deficiented mother will suffer from troubles of elocution, audition, mental development delay and from growth complications being leading to Drawfism.

1,5 billion of human beings among whom 700 millions in Asia, 230 millions in Africa, 60 millions in Latin America and 20 millions in Europe have an iodin feeding deficiency (Kiwanis International source).

For this purpose, Algerian regulation makes obligatory the sale of iodised salt for the prevention against iodin deficiency by the executive decree 40-90 of January 30th, 1990. Iodin must be in the form of Potassium Iodate with the following proportions : 50,55 mg by one kilogram of salt at minimum and 84,25 mg by one kilogram of salt at maximum.

Trade mark :

Enasel is marketing its products on the local market, under the comercial name « Enasel » and the distinctive logo of the Pink Flamingo.  

Technical characteristics :

Specifications 100% Specifications
NaCL 99,75 minimum * NaCL
H2O (at packing) 0,1 max H2O
Ca 0,01 max Ca Ca
Mg 0,001 max Mg
Matter insoluble in water 0,05 max Matter insoluble in water
Potassium Iodate KIO3, Sodium ferrocyanide 50-84 ppm 5-13 ppm Additives

5-13 ppm

Potassium iodate KIO3
Sodium ferrocyanide
* For a best purity, please contact us on :
  ENASEL  Exportations Management : exportations@enasel.com
  ENASEL  local Market Management : market@enasel.com
Marsh salt
Spécifications 100% Spécifications
NaCL 98 minimum* NaCL
H2O (at packing) 1 max H2O (at packaging)
Ca 0,25 max Ca
Mg 0,25 max Mg
Water insoluble Matter 0,02 max Matter insoluble
Potassium Iodate KIO3, Sodium ferrocyanide 50-84 ppm 5-13 ppm Additives
50-84 ppm Additives
Iodate de potassium KIO3 Ferrocyanure de sodium
* For a best purity, please contact us on :
  ENASEL  Exportations Management : exportations@enasel.com
  ENASEL  local Market ManagemenT : market@enasel.com
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